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William Holman Hunt (1827-1910)  The Light of the World  Oil on canvas, 1851-1853  59.8 x 125.5 cm (23.54
Light of the World
William Holman Hunt (1827-1910)  The Awakening Conscience, 1853  Oil on canvas  Tate Gallery, London, United Kingdom
The Awakening
William Holman Hunt (1827-1910)  The Lady of Shalott, 1889-1892  Oil on canvas  Manchester City Art Galleries, Manchester, United Kingdom
Lady of Shalott
William Holman Hunt (1827-1910)  Il Dolce Far Niente, 1866  Oil on canvas  Forbes Magazine Collection, New York, New York, United States
Il Dolce
William Holman Hunt (1827-1910)  Claudio and Isabella  Oil on panel, 1850  43 x 76 cm (16.93
Claudio and Isabella
William Holman Hunt (1827-1910)  Aspargus Island  Oil on canvas  Private collection
Aspargus Island
William Holman Hunt (1827-1910)  Self-Portrait, 1845  Oil on canvas  39.3 x 45.7 cm (15.47
William Holman Hunt (1827-1910)  The Hireling Shepherd  Oil on canvas, 1851  110 x 77 cm (3' 7.31
The Hireling
William Holman Hunt (1827-1910)  Shadow of Death, 1870-1873  Oil on canvas  73 x 92.7 cm (28.74
Shadow of Death
William Holman Hunt (1827-1910)  A Converted British Family Sheltering a Christian Missionary the Persecution of the Druids  Oil on canvas, 1850  Private collection
A Converted
William Holman Hunt (1827-1910)  The Triumph of the Innocents  Oil on linen, 1876-1887  248 x 157 cm (8' 1.64
The Triumph
William Holman Hunt (1827-1910)  The Scapegoat  Oil on canvas, 1854  Lady Lever Art Gallery, Merseyside, United Kingdom
The Scapegoat
William Holman Hunt (1827-1910)  The Sphinx, Gizeh, Looking towards the Pyramids of Sakhara  Watercolor on paper, 1854  35.6 x 25.4 cm (14.02
The Sphinx, Gizeh
William Holman Hunt (1827-1910)  Fairlight Downs, Sunlight on the Sea  Oil on canvas  Private collection
Fairlight Downs
William Holman Hunt (1827-1910)  Eve of Saint Agnes;   The Flight of Madeleine and Porphyro during the Drunkenness attending the Revelry  Oil on canvas  Private collection
Eve of Saint Agnes
William Holman Hunt (1827-1910)  The Lantern Maker's Courtship  Oil on canvas  1854  Private collection
The Lantern
William Holman Hunt (1827-1910)  Isabella and the Pot of Basil  Oil on canvas,   Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
William Holman Hunt (1827-1910)  On English Coasts  Oil on canvas, 1852  Tate Gallery, London, United Kingdom
On English Coasts
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