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Rosselli, Cosimo - 1 Rosselli, Cosimo
Cosimo Rosselli (1439 – after 1506) was an Italian painter of the Quattrocento (High Renaissance), active mainly in his birthplace of Florence.
Raphael Sanzio (Raffaello) - 88 Raphael Sanzio (Raffaello)
Raphael Sanzio (Italian: Raffaello), (April 6 or March 28, 1483 – April 6, 1520) usually known by his first name alone, was an Italian painter and architect of the High Renaissance, celebrated for the perfection and grace of his paintings and drawings. Together with Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, he forms the traditional trinity of great masters of that period.
Repin, Ilya - 5 Repin, Ilya
Ilya Yefimovich Repin (Russian: Èëüÿ́ Åôè́ìîâè÷ Ðǻïèí, Ukrainian: ²ëëÿ Þõèìîâè÷ кï³í, (5 August [O.S. 24 July] 1844, Chuguyev, Kharkov Governorate, Russian Empire – September 29, 1930, Kuokkala, Viipuri Province, Finland) was a leading Russian painter and sculptor of the Peredvizhniki artistic school. An important part of his work is dedicated to his native country. His realistic works often expressed great psychological depth and exposed the tensions within the existing social order.
Rubens, Peter Paul - 8 Rubens, Peter Paul
Sir Peter Paul Rubens (June 28, 1577 – May 30, 1640) was a prolific seventeenth-century Flemish Baroque painter, and a proponent of an exuberant Baroque style that emphasized movement, color, and sensuality. He is well-known for his Counter-Reformation altarpieces, portraits, landscapes, and history paintings of mythological and allegorical subjects.
Roerich, Nikolai - 20 Roerich, Nikolai
Nicholas Roerich, (October 9, 1874 - December 13, 1947) also known as Nikolai Konstantinovich Rerikh (native transliteration) (Russian: Íèêîëàé Êîíñòàíòèíîâè÷ Ðåðèõ), was a Russian painter, philosopher, scientist, writer, traveler, public figure. He created about 7000 paintings (many of them are exhibited in well-known museums of the world) and about 30 literary works. N.Roerich is an author of idea and initiator of International Pact for protection of artistic and academic institutions and historical sites (Roerich’s Pact) and a founder of international movement for culture defense. Roerich earned several nominations for the Nobel Prize.
Renoir, Pierre-Auguste - 43 Renoir, Pierre-Auguste
Pierre-Auguste Renoir (February 25, 1841 – December 3, 1919) was a French artist who was a leading painter in the development of the Impressionist style.
Roberti, Ercole - 3 Roberti, Ercole
Ercole de\' Roberti (c. 1451 – 1496), also known as Ercole Ferrarese or Ercole da Ferrara, was an Italian artist of the Early Renaissance and the School of Ferrara.
Rublev, Andrei - 20 Rublev, Andrei
Andrei Rublev (Russian: Àíäðǻé Ðóáë¸â, also transliterated Andrey Rublyov and other permutations, born in the 1360s, died 1427 or January 29, 1430) is considered to be the greatest medieval Russian painter of Orthodox icons and frescoes.
Ryzhenko, Pavel - 39 Ryzhenko, Pavel
Ryzhenko Pavel wrote in the style of classical realism
Rossetti, Dante Gabriel - 110 Rossetti, Dante Gabriel
Dante Gabriel Rossetti (12 May 1828 – 9 April 1882) was an English poet, illustrator, painter and translator. He founded the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood in 1848 with William Holman Hunt and John Everett Millais.
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