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Nattier, Jean-Marc - 5 Nattier, Jean-Marc
Jean-Marc Nattier (March 17, 1685 – November 7, 1766), French painter. Nattier aspired to be a history painter, but the French financial crisis of 1720 all but ruined him, and he was henceforth obliged to turn to portraiture, which was more lucrative. He subsequently revived the genre of the allegorical portrait, in which a living person is depicted as a Greco-Roman goddess or other mythological figure.
Nesterenko, Vasily Igorevich - 61 Nesterenko, Vasily Igorevich
Vasily Nesterenko is the leading master of the modern Russian painting. He fulfilled the complete academic school in the Soviet Union and supplemented his art education in America. Vasily Nesterenko is the author of memorable pieces of work, full of bright art images, courageous composition and chromatic solutions. He created colossal murals in the Christ the Savior (Christ the Redeemer) Cathedral and in the Assumption Cathedral in Dmitrov, several monumental historical canvases; he is equally good at secular portraits and ecclesiastical icons as landscapes and still life as well.
Nesterov, Mikhail Vasilyevich - 11 Nesterov, Mikhail Vasilyevich
Mikhail Vasilyevich Nesterov ( Russian : Ìèõàè́ë Âàñè́ëüåâè÷ Íǻñòåðîâ ; May 31 [ OS May 19] 1862, Ufa – 18 October 1942, Moscow ) was a major representative of religious Symbolism in Russian art.
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