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Josefa de Óbidos (1630 – 1684)  Nativity  Oil on canvas, c. 1650-1660  21 x 16 cm  Particular collection, Porto, Portugal
Josefa de Óbidos (1630 – 1684)  Transverberação de Santa Teresa  Oil on canvas, c. 1672  108 x 140 cm   Church, Cascais, Portugal
Santa Teresa
Josefa de Óbidos (1630 – 1684)  Santa Maria Madalena  Oiil on copper, 1650  22.8 x 18.4 cm  Museu Nacional Machado de Castro, Coimbra, Portugal
St. Maria Madalena
Josefa de Óbidos (1630 – 1684)  Pascal Lamb  Oiil on canvas, c. 1660-1670  88 x 116 cm  Regional Museum Évora, Portugal
Pascal Lamb
Josefa de Óbidos (1630 – 1684)  The Child Jesus Savior of the World  Oil on canvas, 1673  95 x 116.5 cm   Church, Cascais, Portugal
The Child Jesus Savior
Josefa de Óbidos (1630 – 1684)  Calvary  Oil on wood, 1679  160 x 174 cm  Santa Casa da Misericórdia, Peniche, Portugal
Josefa de Óbidos (1630 – 1684)  Dead Nature with Sweets and Barros  Oil on canvas, 1676  80 x 60 cm  Municipal Library Braamcamp Freire, Santarém, Portugal
Dead Nature
Josefa de Óbidos (1630 – 1684)  S. Joseph and Child  Oil on canvas, c. 1670  71 x 41 cm   National Museum of Ancient Art, Lisbon, Portugal
S. Joseph and Child
Josefa de Óbidos (1630 – 1684)  Annunciation  Oil on canvas, 1676  107 x 88 cm  National Museum of Ancient Art, Lisbon, Portugal
Josefa de Óbidos (1630 – 1684)  S. Francisco de Assis e Santa Clara   Or worshiping Jesus Menino  Oiil on copper, 1647  25,5x34,5 cm  Private collection, Lisbon, Portugal
St. Francisco
Josefa de Óbidos (1630 – 1684)  Adoration of the Shepherds  Oil on canvas, 1669  150 x 184 cm  National Museum of Art Aantiga, Lisbon, Portugal
Josefa de Óbidos (1630 – 1684)  Basket with cherries, cheese and Barros  Oil on canvas, c. 1670-1680  50 x 110 cm  Private Collection, Lisbon, Portugal
Basket with cherries
Josefa de Óbidos (1630 – 1684)  Vision of S. John of the Cross  Oil on canvas, 1673  161.5 x 131.5 cm  Santa Casa da Misericórdia, Figueiró of Wine, Portugal
Vision of S. John
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