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Aachen, Hans Von  - 12 Aachen, Hans Von
Hans von Aachen (1552, Cologne - March 4, 1615, Prague) was a German mannerist painter.
Aivazovsky, Ivan Konstantinovich - 48 Aivazovsky, Ivan Konstantinovich
(Russian, Armenian; Romanticism) was a Russian painter of Armenian descent, most famous for his seascapes.
Aertsen, Pieter - 12 Aertsen, Pieter
Pieter Aertsen [Dutch Northern Renaissance Painter, ca.1508-1575], Netherlandish painter.His depictions of food, flowers, and everyday objects make him important in the development of still-life painting.
Albani, Francesco - 12 Albani, Francesco
Francesco Albani or Albano (March 17 or August 17, 1578–October 4, 1660) was an Italian Baroque painter
Albertinelli, Mariotto - 8 Albertinelli, Mariotto
Mariotto di Bigio di Bindo Albertinelli (October 13, 1474 - November 5, 1515) was a High Renaissance Italian painter of the Florentine school, closely involved with Fra Bartolomeo and influenced by Raphael.
Allori, Alessandro - 10 Allori, Alessandro
Alessandro di Cristofano di Lorenzo del Bronzino Allori (May 3, 1535 - September 22, 1607) was an Italian portrait painter of the late Mannerist Florentine school
Achenbach, Andreas - 19 Achenbach, Andreas
Andreas Achenbach (September 29, 1815 - April 1, 1910) was a German landscape painter. He became the founder of the German realistic school.
Adams, John Ottis - 19 Adams, John Ottis
John Ottis Adams (July 8, 1851 – January 28, 1927) was an American impressionist painter and member of the Hoosier Group of Indiana painters.
Agasse, Jacques-Laurent - 12 Agasse, Jacques-Laurent
Jacques-Laurent Agasse (Swiss, Romanticism; April 24, 1767 - December 27, 1849) was an animal and landscape painter.
Alexander, John White - 21 Alexander, John White
John White Alexander (Symbolism; 1856 – 1915) was an American portrait, figure, and decorative painter and illustrator
Alma-Tadema, Lawrence - 52 Alma-Tadema, Lawrence
Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema (pronounced /ˈælmə ˈtædɪmə/), OM, RA (January 8, 1836, Dronrijp, the Netherlands - June 25, 1912, Wiesbaden, Germany) was one of the most renowned painters of late nineteenth-century Britain.
Arkhipov, Abram Efimovich - 18 Arkhipov, Abram Efimovich
(Russian; Peredvizhniki) Abram Efimovich Arkhipov (Russian: Àáðàì Åôèìîâè÷ Àðõèïîâ) (August 27 [O.S. August 15] 1862 – September 25, 1930) was a Russian realist artist, who was a member of the art collective The Wanderers as well as the of Russian Artists. Themes that occur within his artwork include the lives of Russian women, with some of his realist paintings depicting their grim daily realities.
Anderson, Sophie Gengembre - 56 Anderson, Sophie Gengembre
Sophie Gengembre Anderson (1823 – 10 March 1903) was a French-born British artist who specialised in genre painting of children and women, typically in rural settings. Her work is loosely associated with the Pre-Raphaelite movement.
Antonello da Messina - 13 Antonello da Messina
Antonello da Messina, properly Antonello di Giovanni di Antonio (c. 1430 – February 1479) was an Italian painter from Messina, Sicily, active during the Italian Renaissance. His work shows strong influences from Early Netherlandish painting and, unusually for a painter from Southern Italy, he was influential on the art of Northern Italy, especially Venice.
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