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Vasnetsov Viktor Mikhailovich (1848 — 1926)  Prince Ivan on the Gray Wolf, 1889  Oil on canvas  249 Õ 187  cm  The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia
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Title: Prince Ivan on the Gray Wolf
Vasnetsov Viktor Mikhailovich (1848 — 1926)
Prince Ivan on the Gray Wolf, 1889
Oil on canvas
249 Õ 187 cm
The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia

The painting was painted in 1889, during the Vasnetsova in Vladimir Cathedral in Kiev. In 1888 he was at some time left for writing, painting «Ivan Tsarevitch on the Gray Wolf». Upon completion it was exhibited in a traveling art exhibition.

The picture is a illustration to the well-known Russian fairy tale «Prince Ivan and the Gray Wolf». Ivan Tsarevitch, along with Elena excellent racing headlong for the Gray Wolf through the dark forest to escape the chase. For the image of Princess Vasnetsov used written in 1883 with a sketch nieces SI Mamontova Natalia - «Portrait of Natalia Anatolevna Mammoth».
Tale «Prince Ivan and the Gray Wolf»
A king's apple tree bore golden apples, but every night, one was stolen. Guards reported that the Firebird stole them. The king told his two oldest sons that the one who caught the bird would receive half his kingdom and be his heir. They drew lots to see who would be first, but both fell asleep; they tried to claim it had not come, but it had stolen an apple. Finally Ivan Tsarevich, the youngest son, asked to try; his father was reluctant because of his youth but consented. Ivan remained awake and caught a tail feather. The Firebird did not return, but the king longed for the bird. He said that still, whoever caught it would have half his kingdom and be his heir.
The older brothers set out. They came to a stone that said whoever took one road would know hunger and cold; whoever took the second would live, though his horse would die; and whoever took the third would die, though his horse would live. They did not know which way to take, and so took up an idle life.
Ivan begged to be allowed to go until his father yielded. He took the second road, and a wolf ate his horse. He walked until he was exhausted, and the wolf offered to carry him. It brought him to the garden where the firebird was and told him to take it out without its golden cage. The prince went in, but thought it was a great pity not to take the cage, but when he touched it, bells rang, waking everyone, and he was captured. He told his story, and the First King said he could have had it for the asking, but he could be spared now only if he got the Horse with the Golden Mane.

He met the wolf and admitted to his disobedience. It carried him to the kingdom and stables where he could get the horse and warned him against the golden bridle. Its beauty tempted him, and he touched it, and instruments of brass sounded. He was captured, and the Second King told him that if he had come with the word, he would have given him the horse, but now he would be spared only if he brought him Helen the Beautiful to be his wife.

Ivan went back to the wolf, confessed, and was brought to her castle. The wolf carried her off, but Ivan was able to assuage her fears. Ivan brought her back to the Second King, but wept because they had come to love each other. The wolf turned itself into the form of the princess and had Ivan ex it for the Horse with the Golden Mane. Ivan and Helen rode off on the Horse. The wolf escaped the king. It reached Ivan and Helen, and Helen rode the horse and Ivan the wolf. Ivan asked the wolf to become like the horse and let him ex it for the Firebird, so that he could keep the horse as well. The wolf agreed, the ex was done, and Ivan returned to his own kingdom with Helen, the horse, and the Firebird.

The wolf said its service was done when they returned to where it had eaten Ivan's horse. Ivan dismounted and lamented their parting. They went on for a time and slept. His older brothers found them, killed Ivan, sliced his body to pieces, and told Helen that they would kill her if she would not say that they had gotten the horse, the firebird, and her. They brought them to their father, and the second son got half the kingdom, and the oldest was to marry Helen.

The Grey Wolf found Ivan's body and caught two fledgling crows that would have eaten it. Their mother pleaded for them, and the wolf sent her to fetch the water of death, which restored the body, and the water of life, which revived him. The wolf carried him to the wedding in time to stop it; the older brothers were made servants or killed by the wolf, but Ivan married Helen and lived happily with her.

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Vasnetsov Viktor Mikhailovich (1848 — 1926)  After Igor Svyatoslavich's fighting with the Polovtsy, 1880  On the subject of the words of Igor `s Shelf  Oil on canvas  167 x 308 cm  The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, RussiaVasnetsov Viktor Mikhailovich (1848 — 1926)  Prince Ivan on the Gray Wolf, 1889  Oil on canvas  249 Õ 187  cm  The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, RussiaVasnetsov Viktor Mikhailovich (1848 — 1926)  Alyonushka, 1881  Study for the painting
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