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Vasnetsov Viktor Mikhailovich (1848 — 1926)  Bayan, 1910  Oil on canvas  303x408 cm  The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia
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Title: Bayan
Vasnetsov Viktor Mikhailovich (1848 — 1926)
Bayan, 1910
Oil on canvas
303x408 cm
The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia

 Bogatyrskaya issue led Vasnetsova life. 
This is evidenced by his work "Bayan", established in 1910 godu.Na picture of the artist depicted the legendary Russian narrator, sitting on green grass Knights. A blind man talking about feats bayan Russian hero, and his young leader played the lyre.
 Boyan, probably native Slavic name of áîÿòèñÿ: «thought fear»; to another version, the name of Turkish-Bulgarian origin, cf. Chuvash. puyan «rich», obschetyurk. bayan «rich», from the verb baj - «become rich».
 According to the most common point of view, Bojan - a historical person, the court singer of several Russian princes XI century. Judging from the list of princes, whom he praised, he was geographically linked to the Chernihiv and dependent on him Tmutarakanskim principality. The nature of creativity, it is likely reminiscent of the Scandinavian skald, composing in honor of the princes ritmizovannye songs, or songs of praise-Hula (author «words» quotes hulitelnuyu pripevku Bojana on Vseslave Polotsk: Neither hytru nor far, neither the birds is not a court Áîæ³à minutes). Bojan was the author and performer of his songs, accompanying himself on the strings like gusel. 

The author «Words» Bojan - his great predecessor, pythoness capable (as Vseslav) to oborotnichestvu (spreads, he thought - perhaps, «mysiyu», protein - to tree, wolf and eagle on the ground under the clouds), his fingers are compared with the 10 falcon, and the strings - to 10 swans, the Boyana author several times compares with nightingales. The author calls the Holiday grandson Vélez, which some researchers draw conclusions about the poetic function of this deity. However, the author of «dissociates» from it: at the beginning of «words», he declared: We started the same are òúé ïѣñíè on bylinam this time, rather than çàìûøëåí³þ Bojan, perhaps as opposed to Bojan can be interpreted two natives songs Guard Igor. At the end of the work Bojan mentioned, perhaps next to Hodynoy (there are native interpretations of the place), some see Hodyne another singer - a contemporary Holiday, with whom he sang the songs, according to the custom skald together. Here the author again cites Holiday: «ty head êðîìѣ sore shoulder, the evil ty òѣëó êðîìѣ head» (symbolic image «orphanhood» land without Prince). 

According to ancient Russian birch bark letters graffiti, and XI-XII centuries, a number of people known by the name of Bojan, that proves the reality of that name. Attempts to identify the singer of the «words» to any of these Boyanov, but such a hypothesis, of course, unreliable.
During the creation of the model «Words» Zadonschiny (XV century) name Bojana has said nothing ancient scribes, so when it was subjected to multiple correspondence distortions: in the different lists Zadonschiny on the ground that the name is Goboyan, Boyun, obstreperous, boyar. Singer loses specific time dedicated to become epic image in «Zadonschine» is called differently Bojan praised not only the princes of the XI century, and Rurik, Igor, and the Old. 

Veliky Novgorod in the historic center, there is street Bojana (now called the same). In Trubchevske erect a monument Boyan. 

In the Russian literature of XIX century, the name «Bojan» appellative was named Old Russian singer guslar, often incorrectly written as «Bayan» (from the word bayat). In this case it was the end of the XIX century. brand companies, who took accordion, and finally the name of a musical instrument appellative bayan. 

In recent years, the word «bayan» sometimes called stale already mentioned jokingly. The origin of the values normally associated with an anecdote «buried mother-in-law, broke two accordion», which was repeated many times that it became a cause irritation. In the so-called «language of bastards» word was subjected to repeated distortion and returned to the historically original form «dupe», but as a secondary errativa.
Name Bojan is a very common and the South Slavic peoples, especially among the Serbs, Bulgarians, Macedonians, Montenegrins. Bojan addition, in the Bulgarian lands in the tenth century witnessed the names that are associated with a name Bojan - Boimir (X century), Boyana (XVI century), Boyo (XV century), with others
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Vasnetsov Viktor Mikhailovich (1848 — 1926)  Fight of Scythians and Slavs (sketch), 1879  Oil on canvas  The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, RussiaVasnetsov Viktor Mikhailovich (1848 — 1926)  Bayan, 1910  Oil on canvas  303x408 cm  The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, RussiaVasnetsov Viktor Mikhailovich (1848 — 1926)  Alenushkin pond (Pond in Okhtirka), 1880  Etude for the painting
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