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Orest Adamovich Kiprenskii (1778-1836)  Portrait of Prince Ivan Alekseevich Gagarin, 1811  Oil on canvas  The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia
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Title: Prince Ivan Gagarin
Orest Adamovich Kiprenskii (1778-1836)
Portrait of Prince Ivan Alekseevich Gagarin, 1811
Oil on canvas
The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia

 Gagarin, Prince Ivan - valid Privy Councilor, Senator, the son of a secret adviser to Prince Alexei Ivanovich of marriage to Princess Irina Grigoryevna Urusova († in 1796), genus. September 16, 1771, died Oct. 12, 1832, buried in Moscow Novospassky monastery. 
Recorded in the second year of birth (January 10, 1773) in the Preobrazhensky regiment, then in 1776 in Izmailovsky Regiment, 1 Jan, 1790 he was promoted to Warrant Officer. In the same year he went to the theater of war against the Turks, and, with the rank of podporuchika ( 1 Jan, 1791), for participating in the assault of Ishmael rewarded with the Order of St.. George's 4-th degree (25 March 1791). 1 Jan., 1792 produced lieutenant, 1 January, 1796 - Captains of lieutenant, 1 February of that year, Chamberlain Welcome to grade 5, and January 3, 1797 - into action. Chamberlain 4 th grade. Jun 13, 1799 the court appointed shtalmeysterom Grand Duchess Elena Pavlovna and 13th October, transferred to the same position at the Great Princess Catherine Pavlovna. October 25, 1810 Gagarin was appointed chamberlain Grand Duchess Catherine Pavlovna who settled with her husband, Prince Georg of Oldenburg, in Tver. His many years of service with the Grand Duchess, bring it to its credibility and position, was awarded the honors of St.. Anne (July 22, 1807 diamonds -18 April 1809) and Alexander Nevsky (March 19, 1813, diamonds -11 January 1816). On the day of joining the Grand Duchess Catherine Pavlovna second marriage to Crown Prince Wilhelm Virtembergskim, January 12, 1816, Gagarin led shtalmeysterom listed in the highest court. February 22, 1819 he was appointed a senator renaming of Privy Councilor (former title shtalmeystera allowed him to retain 28 Jan., 1822), was present initially in the 2 nd branch of the 5-th Department of the Senate (1819-1827), the then in 2-m separation of 6-th department. In December 1820 he was sent to Podolskiy province to study causes of the epidemic in Bessarabia and reviews of protivozaraznyh measures, as well as for obrevizovaniya throughout the provinces. February 14, 1826 he received over 35 years of service, the Order of St.. Vladimir 4 th degree and April 13, 1829 produced a truly secret advisers. Kn. IA has been one of the most distinguished Masons. His work reflected not only in the affairs of charity, but also in promoting Masonic ideas. In the list of founders of the St. Petersburg Russian boxes Eagle's name is the first. This lodge was solemnly installed March 12, 1818 during the joint celebration of both unions masonic lodges of the day vosshestviya to the throne of Alexander I, who was devoted to a new bed. Managing master was appointed to the G and was able to immediately welcome the direction of its work, surpassing even the expectations of the Great control box and all the Masonic brotherhood. In the 1818-19 biennium. He worshiped the best master of the chair in St. Petersburg. Included an honorary member of St. Petersburg of Peter the boxes to the truth, and the United Friends and Simbirsk box key to virtue. At the end of 1820 had established, together with G. P. Kikinym and AI Dmitriev-Mamonov society promotion of artists, aimed to "promote the spread of Fine Arts in Russia, to endorse and promote the talent of Russian artists, and the opening of the society was member of his committee. G. was married twice. the first marriage with Elizabeth Ivanovna Balabin he had 6 sons: Paul (born 1798), Dmitri (Major General, 1799-1872), Gregory (1800-1848), Constantine (1800-1851), Alexander (cm .) and Vladimir (cell-junker, agronomist, 1806-1860). Passionate lover of the arts in general and especially the theater, Gagarin on moving Tver in St. Petersburg carried away the famous tragic actress Catherine S. Semenova. With her he had spent 15 inseparable years and had her son and 3 daughters, bearing the name Starodubska. Semyonova long agreed not to enter into a valid marriage with the Duke, fearing that marriage will force her to leave the scene. In January 1827 Gagarin was transferred to serve in the departments of the Moscow Senate, and at the end of May 1828 on one of the outlying suburbs of Moscow, in the Church of Our Lady of Tikhvin, in the Luzhniki stadium, humbly committed marriage of Prince Gagarin, and a famous actress.

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Orest Adamovich Kiprenskii (1778-1836)  Portrait of a boy, 1812  Italian pencil, chalk on paper  The Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, RussiaOrest Adamovich Kiprenskii (1778-1836)  Portrait of Prince Ivan Alekseevich Gagarin, 1811  Oil on canvas  The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, RussiaOrest Adamovich Kiprenskii (1778-1836)  Young Gardener  Oil on canvas, 1817  62 x 50 cm  The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia
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