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Orest Adamovich Kiprenskiy (1778-1836) Portrait of E.G. Gagarin in childhood, 1816-17 Îil on canvas Private collection AV Mamonov, France
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Title: Gagarin in childhood,

Orest Adamovich Kiprenskii (1778-1836) 
Portrait of E.G. Gagarin in childhood, 1816-17 
Oil on canvas 
Private collection AV Mamonov, France


Children's portraits, perhaps the most difficult kind of beautiful portraits. The task is difficult primarily because the child is almost never sits quietly, it is time to move. In addition, the baby face does not have pronounced features, so the transfer of similarities - a difficult task. Finally, the portrait must have a fine taste, as well as in the picture kids easily fall into mush.
Nevertheless Kiprensky, as no one else the Russian painter, will be happy to write the children. And not just because they are very fond of. Perhaps his brush and pen captures an entire gallery of children's portraits, because, as a kind of romantic, always enthusiastic women, the children had no Kiprensky. And their love for him as if he embodied in his portraits created.

Eugene Gagarin - son of Prince G. Gagarin (1782 - 1837), one of the most enlightened and interesting people in the cultural circles of St. Petersburg. In spring 1816 GI Gagarin was appointed advisor to the Embassy in Rome. Prior to this position he has held A.Ya. Italinsky pertaining to young Russian artists to abuse and even viciously (he established over pensioners espial and believed all the slander informers)
GI Gagarin supports young Russian artists. The house Envoy arranged friendly evening, he sent a letter to Russia to increase the content of the artists. Kiprensky was more familiar with him in St. Petersburg and sincerely pleased to meet him, especially since his relationship with Italinskim soon deteriorated. By bringing all sorts of gossip, Italinsky sent a letter to Russia, encouraging Kiprensky withdraw Italy. Arrival GI Gagarina prevented him dobitsya it.

Eugene Gagarin was born on October 25, 1811 in St. Petersburg. In this portrait to him about five years hence, Kiprensky wrote in his tenure as its in Rome in late 1816 or early in 1817.
Feedback knew of his contemporaries, EG Gagarin was «very happy man-nature». Later he became kameryunkerom healed, and lives a rich sibarita. In 1838 he married and settled down in Odessa. He died at age 75.
The portrait remained in the family Gagarin about one hundred forty years - AV Mamonov bought it in the 1950's, in Brussels Mikhail A. Gagarin, the direct grandson of the one who is depicted in the portrait.

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