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Orest Adamovich Kiprenskii (1778-1836)  Portrait of Sophia Stepanovna Scherbatova, 1819  Italian pencil, sanguine on paper  The Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, Russia
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Title: Sophia Scherbatova
Orest Adamovich Kiprenskii (1778-1836)
Portrait of Sophia Stepanovna Scherbatova (1798-1886), 1819
Italian pencil, sanguine on paper
The Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, Russia

In 1798 at Stepan Stepanovich Apraksin (descendant of the famous Apraksin, Katherine's son and grandson of Field Marshal associates of Peter I, the future general of cavalry, famous in many military campaigns), and Ekaterina Golitsyna daughter Sophia. Of course, for her education and upbringing had spared no nothing. 

Huge house spouses Apraksin in Moscow called the «School of Education», a home theater was almost the best. In one of the operas to stage a fantastic luxury furnishings roamed the living deer. In addition to the city artists were attracted by the huge fees the European celebrities. At the premiere of the Apraksin visited most prominent theater people: Gideon, Vyazemsky, Pushkin's uncle, Basil L. Pushkin wrote lungs «piesy» Apraksin for the theater itself and are often recite them the scene. And at the premiere of «Soroca-thief» Rossini at Apraksin visit in 1827, Aleksandr Sergeyevich Pushkin. 

In 19 years it lost to Alexei G. Ùåðáàòîâà, General of Infantry, the war party in 1812, marked by many awards. Widows General was over the bride at 22 years. Portrait of Sophia Ùåðáàòîâîé, Orest Kiprensky made in 1819, during the honeymoon couple: thoughtful, gentle, spiritual maiden face. The long journey abroad as a rapprochement between the couple have lived happily ever after, despite the difference in age. Sofia will become the mother of six children. 

Ùåðáàòîâû returned to Moscow only in 1826. Salon young princess has become «the center of all the old capital: a generic, secular and charity». In her album signed by Pushkin, Zhukovsky, Vyazemsky, Tyutchev, Turgenev, Gogol, Baratynsky, Mickiewicz, Liszt, Rubin, Rossini, Patti, Pauline Viardot. She dedicated music and poetry. Having become a byword for over the years «grand ladies», Sofia Stepanovna, however, is not fond of idleness and effeminacy. «It is simple life, loved to get up early», - read in the memoirs. 

In 1835, after 28 years of military service, having 33 battles and several serious injuries, Prince Shcherbatykh retired, and in 1843 succeeded in the Moscow Governor-General of his wife's uncle - Prince Dmitry Golitsyn Vladmirovicha. When her husband took office, the first step was the establishment of Sophia Stepanovna society «Ladies' guardianship of the poor in Moscow». And if doetogo initiative in the charity belonged to the Empress, the Sofia Stepanovna as First Lady of the capital, an example of Moscow ladies. Around once a united group of energetic, proactive women. 

In 1848 Alexei G. Shcherbatykh die. Sofia Stepanovna, ovdovev fifty years old, survive her husband for eight years, until the last days of keeping «mobility, activities, experience the freshness, clarity of mind». All the forces, it will give children and - for mercy and compassion, the glory that will go to Russia. 
Sofia Stepanovna create Komissarskoe Technical College, will participate in the prison committee. Her offspring will become a community of Sisters of Mercy of St. Nicholas, which she is organizing along with doctor-philanthropist Fyodor Petrovich Haas. 

She nurtured the talent of compassion to people in their children. Olga's daughter will lead the home of Mary Magdalene for the girls of easy virtue, wishing to return to righteousness. At the initiative of his son Alexander in Moscow city hospital opens, the Chairman of the Board that he will be until the end of life. Then the hospital called in his honor Scherbatovskoy. Now it Rusakovskaya Children's Hospital. 
Yet on behalf of their brothers and sisters of Alexander will transfer the donation Moscow home, remaining in the inheritance the mother, with a proposal to have its children's hospital. The hospital, of course, has been named Sofia. Nowadays it is known as the Children's City Clinical Hospital named Filatov.

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Orest Adamovich Kiprenskii (1778-1836)  Young Gardener  Oil on canvas, 1817  62 x 50 cm  The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, RussiaOrest Adamovich Kiprenskii (1778-1836)  Portrait of Sophia Stepanovna Scherbatova, 1819  Italian pencil, sanguine on paper  The Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, RussiaOrest Adamovich Kiprenskii (1778-1836)  Girl in a poppy wreath with a carnation in his hand (Mariuchcha)  Oil on canvas, 1819  42,5X40,9 cm  The Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, Russia
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