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Edward Burne-Jones (Edward Burne Jones) (1833-1898)  The Rock of Doom  Bodycolour, 1884-1885  129 x 154 cm (4' 2.79
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Title: The Rock of Doom
Edward Burne-Jones (Edward Burne Jones) (1833-1898)
The Rock of Doom
Bodycolour, 1884-1885
129 x 154 cm (4' 2.79" x 5' .63")
Southampton City Art Gallery, Southampton, United Kingdom

Now hovering there, he seemed to hear a sound 
Unlike the sea-bird's cry, and looking round, 
He saw a figure standing motionless 
Beneath the cliff, midway 'twixt ness and ness, 
And as the wind lull'd heard that cry again, 
That sounded like the wail of one in pain; 
Wondering thereat, and seeking marvels new 
He lighted down, and toward the place he drew, 
And made invisible by Pallas' aid, 
He came within the scarped cliff's purple shade, 
And found a woman standing lonely there, 
Naked, except for tresses of her hair 
That o'er her white limbs by the breeze were wound, 
And brazen chains her weary arms that bound 
Unto the sea-beat overhanging rock, 
As though her golden-crowned head to mock. 
But nigh her feet upon the sand there lay 
Rich raiment that had covered her that day, 
Worthy to be the ransom of a king, 
Unworthy round such loveliness to cling. . . . 

Then unseen Perseus stole anigh the maid, 
And love upon his heart a soft hand laid, 
And tender pity rent it for her pain; 
Not yet an eager cry could he refrain, 
fks now, transformed by that piteous sight, 
Grown like unto a God for pride and might, 
Down on the sand the mystic cap he cast 
And stood before her with flushed face at last, 
(And grey eyes glittering with his great desire 
Beneath his hair, that like a harmless fire 
Blown by the wind shone in her hopeless eyes. 
But she, all rigid with her first surprise, 
Ceasing her wailing as she heard his cry, 
Stared at him, dumb with fear and misery, 
Shrunk closer yet unto the rocky place 
And writhed her bound hands as to hide her face; 
But sudden love his heart did so constrain, 
With open mouth he strove to speak in vain 
And his heart the hot tears 'gan to rise; 
But she midst fear beheld his kind grey eyes, 
and then, as hope came glimmering through her dread, 
In a weak voice he scare could hearm she said, 
"O Death! If though hast risen the sea, 
Sent by the gods to end this misery, 
I thank them that thou comest in this form, 
Who rather thought to see a hideous worm 
Come trailing up the sands out the deep. 
— "The Doom of King Acrisius," I, 269-70]

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