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Brulloff Karl (1799 - 1852)  Fountain in Bakhchi-Sarai  Oil on canvas, 1849  The Pushkin Museum in Moscow, Russia
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Title: Fountain in Bakhchi-Sarai
Brulloff Karl (1799 - 1852)
Fountain in Bakhchi-Sarai
Oil on canvas, 1849
The Pushkin Museum in Moscow, Russia

The Fountain of Bakhchisarai (Russian Áàõ÷èñàðàéñêèé ôîíòàí). Bakhchisarai is a place in the Crimea, near Yalta. The fountain in the poem really exists in the Bakhchisarai Palace that was built originally in the sixteenth century, have been destroyed and rebuilt a few times since. The fountain is called the Fountain of Tears.
 There is a legend about of Maria, a Polish princess who is abducted by Khan Girei. Though she does not return his love she still arouses the jealousy of his chief wife Zarema who stabs her.
Maria, a Polish noblewoman. in the Polish palace of Maria's family, after a vicious fight, in which the Khan kills Maria's fiance, the palace is torched and the Tatars loot the place and capture the women to take them back to the harem. When they capture Maria and the Khan rips the scarf that she uses to hide her face, the Khan is meshmerised by her beauty. The Tartar warriors are arriving back. Zarema, who loves the Khan is happy to see him back but the Khan ignores her and focuses his attention on Maria. Maria is led to her chambers where the Khan visits her. Maria is appaled by the Khan's advances and refuses him. After some struggle he leaves, but his hat, that has fallen off, remains in the room. When the Khan returns to the court, Zarema wants to get his attention by dancing to him. The Khan rejects Zarema, who collapses in despair. During the night she leaves the harem and visits Maria in her chamber and offers her help to escape. However, when Zarema finds the Khan's hat in Maria's room, she becomes certain that she became the Khan's lover, draws a dagger and wants to kill her. Maria stands before Zarema and spreads her hands, showing Zarema that she'd rather choose death than the Khan, which stops Zarema from killing her. The Khan, who was woken up by a guard of the harem who had seen Zarema leaving, enters the room. Zarema thinks that the Khan came to spend the night with Maria and this pushes her over: she stabs Maria to death. The Khan draws his own dagger to kill Zarema, but she kneels down in front of him and offers her chest to the knife, just like Maria did. The Khan can not stab Zarema but commands his soldiers to take her away and later orders her ution.
The Khan watching the fountain that we know he made built for the memory of Maria.
At length th'exhausted Khan returned,
  Enough of waste his sword had dealt,
The Russian cot no longer burned,
  Nor Caucasus his fury felt.
In token of Maria's loss
  A marble fountain he upreared
In spot recluse;--the Christian's cross
  Upon the monument appeared,
(Surmounting it a crescent bright,
  Emblem of ignorance and night!)
Th'inscription mid the silent waste
Not yet has time's rude hand effaced,
  Still do the gurgling waters pour
Their streams dispensing sadness round,
  As mothers weep for sons no more,
In never-ending sorrows drowned.
  In morn fair maids, (and twilight late,)
Roam where this monument appears,
  And pitying poor Maria's fate
  Entitle it the FOUNT OF TEARS!
Alexander Pushkin. The Fountain of Bakhchisarai ( Excerpt poem)
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Brulloff Karl (1799 - 1852)  Hylas and nymphs  Oil on canvas, 1827. Sketch  22.4x27.5 ñm  Kirov Regional Art Museum named V.M. and A. M. Vasnetsov, Kirov, RussiaBrulloff Karl (1799 - 1852)  Fountain in Bakhchi-Sarai  Oil on canvas, 1849  The Pushkin Museum in Moscow, RussiaBrulloff Karl (1799 - 1852)  Portrait of Countess Yu. P. Samoilova and Her Ward Amacilia Pacini Leaving a Ball  Oil on canvas, not later than 1842  The Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia
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