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Orest Adamovich Kiprenskii (1778-1836)  Portrait of Prince AM Golitsyn  Oil on canvas, 1819  The Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, Russia
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Title: Aleksandr Golitsyn
Orest Adamovich Kiprenskii (1778-1836)
Portrait of Prince  Aleksandr Mikhailovich Golitsyn
Oil on canvas, 1819
The Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, Russia

Golitsyn Family 
GOLITSYN, princely family, the Gediminovich Dinasty, important in the 16th century. Several members, including Prince M.M. Golitsyn, were closely associated with St. Petersburg. His son was Alexander Mikhailovich Golitsyn (1718-1783, St. Petersburg), General Field-Marshal (1769), Commander-in-Chief of St. Petersburg (1774-75 and 1780-83), main director of the Revision Collegium (1778-83). He was buried at the Holy Annunciation Church of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra (monument by sculptor F.G. Gordeev). Nikolay Borisovich Golitsyn (1794-1866) was a musician, a man of letters and a religious writer. Alexander Nikolaevich Golitsyn (1773-1844) was a statesman, acting secret councillor of the first class (1841), Honorary Member of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1826), Active Member of the Russian Academy (1806), Chief Procurator of the Synod (1803-17), Minister of Religious Affairs and People's Education (1817-24), and President of the Biblical Society (1813-24); 1812, he lived in a State-owned house at 20 Fontanka River Embankment. Nikolay Sergeevich Golitsyn (1809-1892, St. Petersburg) was a military theoretician and historian, Infantry General (1880), professor at the Department of Military History and Strategy of the Military Academy (1838-48), Director of the Imperial Jurisprudence School (1848-49), editor of the newspaper Russian Invalid (1852-55), author of World Military History (1872-78, unfinished); buried at the Mitrofanyevskoe Cemetery. Boris Borisovich Golitsyn (1862-1916, Petrograd) was a physicist and geophysicist, one of the founders of seismology, and a Member of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1908). He directed of the Main Physics Observatory, wrote on theoretical and practical seismology, and developed a theory of thermal emissions. He was buried at the Nikolskoe Cemetery of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra. Dmitry Petrovich Golitsyn (1860-1928) was a political figure, a man of letters (literary pseudonym Muravlin; in 1912 it was added to the surname), secret counsellor (1909), Elected Member of the State Assembly (1912), Head of the Russian Assembly (1901-06), Head of the First Congress of the Russian People (1906). Wrote a novel called Ailment: A Petersburg Story (1886), and a collection of stories called In Petersburg (1899). In 1920, he emigrated. Nikolay Dmitrievich Golitsyn (1850-1925), acting secret councillor (1914), Elected Member of the State Assembly (1915), last Head of the Russian Empire's Cabinet Council (December 1916 - February 1917). Shot by order of the Joint State Political Administration Board. Princess Natalya Petrovna Golitsyna (nee Countess Chernysheva) (1741-1837, St. Petersburg),the wife of Vladimir Borisovich Golitsyn (1731-1798), was the prototype for Alexander Pushkin's The Queen of Spades. Princess Evdokia Ivanovna Golitsyna (nee Izmailova) (1780-1850, St. Petersburg), wife of Sergey Mikhailovich Golitsyn (1774-1859), owned an aristocratic salon at 30 Millionnaya St. (Princesse Nocturne), which was visited by Pushkin, V.A. Zhukovsky, N.M. Karamzin, K.N. Batyushkov, Prince P.A. Vyazemsky, and many others. She was buried at the Church of the Descent of the Holy Spirit at the Alexander Nevsky Lavra; in 1937, her ashes, along with a monument, were transported to the Lazarevskaya Church.

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Orest Adamovich Kiprenskii (1778-1836)  Dmitry Donskoy in the Kulikovo field  Oil on canvas, 1805  118Õ167 cm  The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, RussiaOrest Adamovich Kiprenskii (1778-1836)  Portrait of Prince AM Golitsyn  Oil on canvas, 1819  The Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, RussiaOrest Adamovich Kiprenskii (1778-1836)  Portrait of Nikita Mikhailovich Muraviev, 1813  Italian pencil, paper  The State Literature Museum, Moscow, Russia
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