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There are a number of standard ways to use mats, but when you play around with the proportions of your art and framing style, you can come up with some interesting and attractive new ways to enhance your pieces.

The Picasso painting Tete de cheval went missing in 2008 from a Swiss gallery. Swiss authorities say it has been recovered in Serbia. Swiss Police/Associated Press



An early portrait of a Spanish general was found under a Rijksmuseum painting using new x-ray technology



Glens Falls, NYThe Hyde Collection’s newest exhibition, Thomas Chambers (1808 – 1869): American Marine and Landscape Painter, is the first survey seeking to define the artist’s style, sources, and the audience for his mid-nineteenth-century landscape and marine paintings. The exhibition, runs through Sunday, April 19, 2009, includes fifty-four works from private and public U.S. collections. Forty-five paintings are by Chambers himself and these are complemented by related works of his contemporaries.

The British newspaper The Times made a rating of 200 best artists, who lived in since the beginning of XX century to our days.

In February of 1896, Bouguereau’s mother died in her 92nd year. Elizabeth Gardner was New Hampshire, but she married William in his home parish in La Rochelle for he preferred at 71 years of age, not to undertake the lengthy trip to the U.S.A. Then that year when courses at the Julian and Beaux-Arts academies were over, the “young couple” made their way to La Rochelle on a kind of honeymoon.

18 October, 2006
Concise Biography Bouguereau

It was in these circumstances that William went to stay with his uncle, 27-year-old Eugène Bouguereau, younger brother of Théodore. He was a priest who had just been given the curé of the church of Saint-Étienne in the parish of Mortagne sur Gironde. It is significant that his whole life, Bouguereau cherished fond memories of his stay in Mortagne and a long time afterwards would write that the happiness of family life was revealed to him then, which suggests that, up to that point, love or simple affection had been missing from his earlier family environment.

For a period extending roughly the beginning of the First World War to the 1980s, the number of people in American and Europe - especially in France - who were ever exposed to the name of William Bouguereau, were rare indeed. Fewer still were those who, driven by curiosity, had the opportunity of seeing a single photograph of his painting, let alone the real thing.

After this period abroad, Bouguereau returned to Bordeaux he painted first a few portraits of his family. He then left for La Rochelle to decorate the villa of wealthy relatives, the Monlun family. At the end of 1854, he settled down in Paris again and undertook the decoration of two drawing rooms in the Hôtel Custine for Jean François Bartholoni.

We record with much regret that Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, OM, RA, died at Wiesbaden at 1.30 yesterday morning without regaining consciousness. His daughters were present at his death. Sir Lawrence had been undergoing treatment at Wiesbaden for about three weeks. Ten days ago his condition became worse, but the doctors could not risk an operation. The body will be brought to England, leaving Wiesbaden tomorrow.

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