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Italian Renaissance (1400 - 1525) - 22 Italian Renaissance (1400 - 1525)
Italian Renaissance painting is the painting of the period the early 15th to mid 16th centuries occurring within the area of present-day Italy, which was at that time divided into many political areas. The painters of Renaissance Italy, although often attached to particular courts and with loyalties to particular towns, nonetheless wandered the length and breadth of Italy, often occupying a diplomatic status and disseminating both artistic and philosophical ideas. The city that is renowned as the birthplace of the Renaissance and in particular, Renaissance painting, is Florence. Renaissance painting can be divided into four periods: Proto-Renaissance, 1290–1400;Early Renaissance, 1400–1475; High Renaissance, 1475–1525.
Northern Renaissance (1450-1700) - 2 Northern Renaissance (1450-1700)
The Northern Renaissance is the term used to describe the Renaissance in northern Europe, or more broadly in Europe outside Italy. Before 1450 Italian Renaissance humanism had little influence outside Italy. the late 15th century the ideas spread around Europe. The resulting German Renaissance, French Renaissance, English Renaissance, Renaissance in the Netherlands, Polish Renaissance and other national and localized movements with different characteristics and strengths. As Renaissance art styles moved through northern Europe, they d and were adapted to local circumstances. In England and the northern Netherlands the Reformation brought religious painting almost completely to an end. Despite several very talented Artists of the Tudor Court in England, portrait painting was slow to spread the elite.
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