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Peredvizhniki (1870-1900) - 3 Peredvizhniki (1870-1900)
(Russian: The Wanderers), group of Russian painters who in the second half of the 19th century rejected the restrictive and foreign-inspired classicism of the Russian Academy to form a new realist and nationalist art that would serve the common man. Believing that art should be useful, a vehicle for expressing humanitarian and social ideals, they produced realistic portrayals of inspiring or pathetic subjects Russian middle-class and peasant life in a literal, easily understood style. Forming a Society of Wandering Exhibitions in 1870, they organized mobile exhibitions of their works in an effort to bring serious art to the people. The most prominent Russian artists of the 1870s and 1880s, including Ivan Kramskoy, Ilya Repin, Vasily Surikov, Vasily Perov, and Vasily Vereshchagin, belonged to this group.
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Andreas Achenbach (September 29, 1815 - April 1, 1910) was a German landscape painter.

Joseph-Claude Bail was born during a period of intense disagreement in the Parisian art world.

French painter, was born in the village of Damvillers, Meuse, France, on the 1st of November 1848 and spent his childhood there. He first studied at Verdun, and prompted by a love of art went in 1867 to Paris, he was admitted to the École des Beaux-arts, working under Cabanel.

Ivan Yakovlevich Bilibin (Realism; Russian: Èâà́í ß́êîâëåâè÷ Áèëè́áèí; 16 August [O.S. 4 August] 1876 – 7 February 1942) was a 20th-century illustrator and stage designer who took part in the Mir iskusstva and contributed to the Ballets Russes. Throughout his career, he was inspired by Slavic folklore.

A famous Russian marine, landscape and battle painter. In 1841 graduated from the Naval Military School and started service in the Baltic Navy. In 1850-1853 studied in St. Petersburg Academy of Art. Working much in the genre of Naval battle painting created numerous prominent canvases dedicated to the victories of the Russian Navy in 18-19 centuries.

Jean Désiré Gustave Courbet (10 June 1819 – 31 December 1877) was a French painter who led the Realist movement in 19th-century French painting. The Realist movement bridged the Romantic movement (characterized by the paintings of Théodore Géricault and Eugène Delacroix) with the Barbizon School and the Impressionists. Courbet occupies an important place in 19th century French painting as an innovator and as an artist willing to make bold social commentary in his work.

Nikolai Dmitrjewitsch Dmitrjeff-Orenburgsky or Nikolaj Dmitrievic Dmitriev-Orenburgskij (1 November 1838, Nizhny Novgorod - 21 April 1898, Saint Petersburg) was a Russian painter. He spent 1875-1885 living and working in Paris.

The Russian politician Lev Borisovich Kamenev (1883-1936) was a leader of the prerevolutionary Social Democratic movement, as well as major official in the Soviet government and Communist party after 1917.

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