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Hoosier impressionist artist John Ottis Adams was born on July 8, 1851 in Johnson County, Indiana. He was a member of the renowned “Hoosier Group” of artists that reached their zenith during the period of 1890 through 1915. 

Alexandre Cabanel won the Prix de Rome in 1845 and was consequently deemed as one of the finest academic painters of his time. His was also avidly opposed to the Impressionist movement. His famous painting The Birth of Venus was exhibited at the Salon in 1863 and earned Cabanel several commissions Napoleon III.

Alexander Aleksandrovich Deineka was born in Kursk on May, 8th (20), 1899 , in railroader family. He educated the prime art formation in Kharkov Art College (1915-1917). His youth as youth his many contemporaries, was devoted to revolution events.

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